Dingmans Campground, PA during Storm, main road closed. Couldn't get in.

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My husband, 2 other friends & their child had reservations @ Dingmans Campground, PA for the weekend after Hurricane Irene.The week after the storm, she called them numerous times, no answer.

Figuring they were busy. I called the Dingmans bridge ppl to see if they were open. They weren't. I asked about the campground, they said a tree fell on their office.

The nite of our reservation, they called my friend @ 822pm, saying they were open. NEVER CAMP THERE. Hurricane & no refund for one nite.

We still want to go for a weekend.Just unable for a 3 nite weekend.

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This was the worst campgrounds i ever visited and Ive been camping every year since i was 2yrs old !!The people working the grounds and state police harrassed us the entire weekend over our radio , our fire, everything !!

It was ridiculous sitting there at night with flashlights pointed to the outskirts of the site because the enitre time you felt watched, so uncomfortable and unecessary. I definately do not recommend this campground.

The area is beautiful and has many waterfall trails, find another camprgound if your heading to this area !!NEVER AGAIN!!!


There's much more to the story, but it wouldn't let me type it all.We had planned on going during the 3 day holiday weekend.

Since there was no update on their website & the closest update was on a STATE PARK website regarding the route to their site & the campground was closed until Sept.5th, we figured they weren't up & running.

No one said they made the hurricane (spelled without an "o") happened.But wise one grasshopper.


WOW if you think they can make hurrocanes happen then it would be best to steer clear, they obviously made it happen just to spite you

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